Not Broke, Not Even Broken...
A blog about...a motorcycle trip from North America to the tip of South America, but about So much more....Life! If you are between age 45-whatever and you thought the financial chips would fall in a different, more lucrative way, then you just may find this enriching, refreshing and inspiring!

It is about how to define or redefine our sense of “purpose”, “happiness”. In our world, when things appear to be upside down, even twisted; there is a great “purpose” for each and every one of us. Our “purpose” and “happiness” is needed!

Living Life Like Art…has its responsibilities

"What’s on your mind?"…my little friend facebook ask me. Well that is always a loaded question. So tonight, I will tell you! I have had some amazing things happen to me. I mean things that are divine like. Okay for starters, as many of you might know I am working on making a film about a late friend, Keith who did some remarkable adventures in his life and then passed on a few weeks after his 21st birthday. So here is the one of the amazing things that happened. The other day in Colorado, I was at Whole Foods and met a young dude, Andrew whom I shared the Keith story with. I sent Andrew the digitized book via email. I felt this sense about Andrew that oozed with Keith. A few days later Andrew (who was just passing through Colorado, going back to Cali) called me and asked if I wanted to meet up at Starbucks? As I was driving toward the social java meet up, I couldn’t help but to think that Andrew would make a great Keith in the film. I had had those thoughts the day I met him. A few minutes into our conversation with this highly intelligent, spiritually in-tune, perceptive, soulful dude, he came out and said, "Donnie I feel I am to be Keith in the film!". I was blown away at how connected we had both been to the same idea! But why was I so blown away? This was actually divinely natural! Long story shortened a bit…my film partner, Torrey and I are meeting Andrew down in the LA area this coming week to discuss the film and see if Torrey senses the same stuff about Andrew playing the Keith part. I don’t care about big name actors, unless that big name actor has the Keith attributes.
The other amazing “sea parting thing” that happened was about a week ago I was thinking, as my Aspen job was coming to a close, that it would be great if I was in my friend’s area of SoCal, so I could be more effective in moving along with this film. Last Sunday, I received a call from this friend and he offered his home to me, because he was going to be out of town for three months to work on a film. Two days later, I was at my friend’s home and on Wednesday I was taking my friend to LAX. So now it is just me up on this mountain top, in this very beautiful contemporary pad, over looking the city of Santa Monica and the ocean. But it’s not really just me. My friend has a few tortoises, that he treats like his children & treats very gently. So I don’t take this care situation lightly! Tortoise feeding and watering some amazing gardens is my daily start and spiritual time.
Living ones life like art, requires the responsibility to be willing to move spontaneously, to trust, to be a big thinker and not pattern ones life after “normal”. To not only expect good, but great! To be open and the biggest thing, to not care what your actions look like to others. Not being afraid to look foolish! It is a freeing feeling to not want to be like all the others. But it is not about not wanting to look or act like all of the others, it is about following ones inspiration and creativity and passion. When one follows and does these thing, amazing things unfold and creative stuff flows! It is amazing to watch! IT’S A PRETTY NICE VIEW TONIGHT, FROM WHERE I SIT!



I first want to start off by stating I have NEVER inhaled or puffed on marijuana. I have not even had a marijuana lemon drop. In fact I hate the smell of marijuana! I am not stating this in a bragging fashion. I am stating this so that you know I am not writing this article from a prejudice standpoint. Nor am I writing this article from a standpoint of being pro legalization or not. I will even step out on this brittle limb and say I think cigarette companies should be shut down and the executives thrown in jail for selling poison to the public, but we all know this will never happen, because our Federal Government makes way too much money off of this poisoning. The same thing with our alcohol companies.

That all being said, I was blown away when I woke up this morning and saw the front page of our Aspen Daily Times! Now for those of you who don’t know, marijuana is now legal in the state of Colorado. But skiers are getting busted on our slopes for smoking marijuana. This getting busted has federal prison time and fines up to $50,000. The article actually states the Aspen Ski Corporation gave consent to this busting! According to federal law, it is illegal to consume marijuana on national forest lands. Of coarse Aspen Ski Corporation gave their consent. You know behind the ski lines, the federal governments discussion went something like this….”do you like leasing our beautiful mountains for your little ski operation? I thought you did! If you want us to continue our little lease arrangement to you, you just might want to give consent to our Federal Forest Service Deputies to patrol our mountains. I knew you would go along with our little scheme!”

Everything is legal…right? Yes, everything is totally legal! So you might be thinking, why are you writing this article and why have I read this far? I am writing this article to point out how stupid, childish and wasteful our federal government is. “Officials estimate that the crackdown will cost taxpayers $1.5 million in the next year.” Does our federal government really not have anything better to do, than hang out at our ski resorts, waiting to bust skiers? It would be one thing if these skiers were starting forest fires, but the one thing I did pick up from my high school chemistry class, snow is not combustible!

I don’t get it? It’s okay to serve and drink alcohol and ski on federal lands and ski down from the upper lodge drunk, but you lite up a joint and your grass ass is in jail! Here is the bottom line…Our system is ALL about the money! Our society is ALL about the money! It all comes down to the almighty $$$! We humans are so greedy and so blinded by money! We will justify anything, when it comes down to MONEY! We endorse cigarette companies that put poison in their products and we endorse alcohol companies that produce a product that make you loose control over your faculties and annually kill thousands of people, but you lite up a little marijuana and we are going to do whatever it takes to get you off of the slopes and throw you in jail and fine you! We are going to teach you a lesson to have moral values, because you are breaking the law! We are going to be principled and have law and order here!

I think our federal government should make it mandatory to print labels on Marijuana products that state, “Smoking Marijuana may cause one to rob banks, act crazy, ski out of control, and will eventually kill you or someone else.” I think what the label should actually state is, “Until we, your Federal Government make money on this product and industy, we will throw your ass in jail and fine you, until we can get a piece of the action!” ISN’T THAT REALLY THE TRUTH??


A little over a year ago, I finished my 4 month trip to Central America. I am going through withdrawals! I miss the adventure, the people…their warmth, the cultures, the roughness, the riding through rivers, the camping, the food, the fear, the thrills, the welcomes, the love, the friends I made along the way, the surfing, the sunsets and sunrises, the riding, the children, the music, the sounds of Howler Monkeys! I miss it all!

If I were financially wealthy, I would be riding the world and writing about it everyday. There is so much richness out there that I craved and am craving! I dipped in and I want more! Somehow, I have to design my life where I can do more of this! I can’t even begin to explain the feeling of it all! It got in my blood. It’s the oxygen in my blood and I want more! I will NEVER forget this experience. It changed me forever…thank God!

Keith’s Incredible Journey…Fruitage

Fruitage from my late friend’s book, Keith’s Incredible Journey”. Who rode his bicycle in 1974 from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina…still so inspires me!

One of my favorite statements Keith wrote (and there are many) was this:

"I pray not to be foolish but at the same time not to fear a good challenge."

This to me really hit home, because this was my motto as I rode across that border at Tijuana, Mexico with echoes of my Mom and “friends” haunting words….”You are asking for it! This is nothing more than a suicide mission! You are crazy! That is Russian roulette between a motorcycle and the most dangerous countries in the world!”

I knew I was going with a child-like mission to bless others and with a thirst to learn of their culture. ONLY by being on a motorcycle or bicycle would I be able to open my up my soul and senses to these dear people and feel their grit of life! What a blessing to be mounted on this tool, that gave me a clearer perspective of “their culture”. I would not find that within the confines of four metal doors and a roof! I knew this from my 1972 coast to coast bicycle trip. That bicycle was the tool that enabled me to feel, to breath, to live the gracious humanity of our nation…mile after mile….county line to county line…state after state…ocean to ocean!


Who are the QUACKS and who are the DUCKS?
Referring to the latest drama with Duck Dynasty, who really got goosed? Humans are a funny group. We try so hard to be politically correct and Hollywood takes such pride that they are always right or leading the pack regarding human rights.

But it’s not at all about who is right and who is wrong or maybe it is about who is right or wrong? Yes, I totally know who is wrong!
Is it wrong to be against gays or to be gay?
Is it wrong to be a conservative fundamentalists?
Is wrong to be a liberal?

The other day I was at a farmers market and as I approached this one particular vegetable booth, this young woman asked me if I was a vegetarian. I said no I’m not, kind of wondering where she was going with her question. After about another two minutes into this one-way conversation, I felt like asking her if she was a fundamentalist vegetarian? It always amuses me when someone is new to or passionate about a cause, they feel as though they have to convince EVERYONE around them to change over to their ways. Is that insecurity on their part? In their mind, they are trying to SAVE US! Well that’s okay, it’s kind of entertaining to sit back and watch them wind up. If we were all the same, it would be one boring world.

I have some very dear friends who are fundamentalist Christians, but they believe it is their mission to convert those they come in contact with, as to their interpretation of The Bible. They have actually been trained or taught that is part of salvation…converting others and so on and on it goes…self-perpetuating the great Christianity propaganda machine. The wonderful thing about this couple is they are totally sincere….from the bottom of their hearts. So even though we don’t see eye to eye, I love their sincerity and I truly love them for who they are! They are actually some of my most sincere friends. SO we have a little agreement that they let me be out in my own pasture.

So lets visit this idea the Bible speaks to of being SAVED. Why now…let’s ruffle some feathers. I am convinced we can solve this thing…just kidding…just a little joke…relax! Another great friend of mine, who use to think like a fundamentalist, but has a different outlook now, poses these sets of questions and it goes something like this….So how many people have lived on this planet? Shall we just say billions? Out of those billions of souls who have lived on this planet, how many of those people thought like a modern day Christian Fundamentalist…maybe 1%? So are saying that only that 1% got saved and got to go to “heaven”? (And by the way, as my friend says, sitting around all day and playing instruments just doesn’t sound like a big time!) No! We are totally smarter than that. I am just going to have to believe it all works a little bit differently than that and quite frankly it is a waste of time living for the here after. I mean we have no clue about the here after and we can’t control the here after…even as much as our egos would like us to believe we can.

So let’s circle back around to The Duck Dynasty ordeal. It doesn’t really matter who is right or wrong. We are missing the whole point! Isn’t this REALLY about freedom of speech? If old Phil Robinson wants to hate on guys, because they won’t get into heaven, so be it! Let Phil have his beliefs! Don’t we live in a country where we have freedom of speech Hollywood? I don’t think Hollywood is being very liberal? I think they think they are being so open minded….their brains have fallen out.
Who is being controlling here and what is A&E being controlled by? I know the answer to that question! There are actually two answers.
1) Being politically correct
A&E is so tripping over them selves. If they want to be politically correct, then be neutral and support freedom of speech. But the big one is the MONEY. It all and always does, comes down to $$$. So A&E don’t try and come across as this liberated, politically correct Hollywood network that has its act together, because you totally stuck your beak where it shouldn’t be. If we truly believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, then believe in it and stick to it! America, we can’t always have our cake and eat it too! It’s not always easy to have freedom, but it beats the alternative…CONTROL!

You are so letting Hollywood be the tail, that’s wagging the dog. Or in this case maybe we should say, you are letting the quacks have the last duck call? That’ll ruffle some feathers……

Yep these are all of the sites to find your JOB and plenty more.
I read these job descriptions that make me want to fall asleep.

I ask myself…
What do you want to do?
I want to design clothes.
I want to lead adventure motorcycle trips.
I want to write creative ads.
I want to brand businesses.
I want to take failing businesses and give them face-lifts.
I want to….blah, blah, blah
I want to create, make better; contribute uniqueness. Not the norm!
black & white

Okay so let me be perfectly realistic here. There is no way a corporation is going to want to take me over a 30ish year old with an MBA, where they can get a good 30 years out of him/her. Okay fare enough! Now I can be free to get that REAL job I have always wanted. How about fixing up a house and turning it or creating an adventure motorcycle touring business? All I know is that we are never left without the options we are suppose to have and be doing. Isn’t that nice to know!

Applied For A Job…

So this job I applied for was answering an ad that was written as if we were on our first date. So my answer is in that same spirit. This is a creative marketing company. They were very creative and playful, so I was in return. My goal was to be me and not let them forget my application…

Hi! My name is Donnie MacKenzie and I live right here in beautiful Santa Barbara. I’m probably not defined as a “bad ass”, but my son says I walk like a multimillionaire, so that is good enough for me!

My expertise? My expertise is being Donnie MacKenzie. When we love being who we are, we love sharing our happiness and joy with others and that IS what it’s ALL about!

I enriched my soul last winter by irresponsibly taking off on my adventure motorcycle and riding by myself all the way to Panama, Central America. People told me I was crazy, stupid, committing suicide, asking for trouble, being irresponsible, being wreckless, not wise! You know what I said? Do you have a passport? I did it! It was the most epic experience I have ever had! My blog tells it all and tells you everything and more
you would like to know about me, on our first date.
I just hope this is not our last date!

Ohhh…I am suppose to tell you why I am a good fit for ZeeBlu. I just did! And if you don’t get me, than we must not be a good fit. But for me, I am definitely feeling the first KISS coming on!

Why will local businesses connect with me? Why wouldn’t they? I am a fun guy to hook up with and everybody wants to be around the party! And no one REALLY wants to go home without that KISS!

Why do I believe in digital marketing? Duh!!!

Call me! I think there is a connection here. I can feel it…yes…I can feel this!
Warmly…Donnie Mac

P.S. Thank you ZeeBlu for allowing me to be so feisty in preparing for our first date! I didn’t realize foreplay could be this much fun with a company!
P.S.S. Can I call you for this date? I mean waiting around by the phone is a bit uncomfortable for me. I have never been asked out before. I have always done the asking!

The following is what the employees of ZeeBlu fill out. So I figured I might would fill this out just in case I got ZeeBlu pregnant.
1. What’s your life’s theme song?
“I left my heart in San Francisco” Tony Bennett
2. When I surf the internet you will find me on…
On the same page and paragraph as Richard Branson
3. Secret ambition
To get paid to travel the world on my adventure motorcycle and write about humanity
4. Why I joined ZeeBlu
Because they are GIVERS! Because they’re all CRAZY creative and so not normal…breath of fresh air!
5. Friends describe me as…
“Donnie lives his life like ART.”
6. What’s one thing you could never live without?
My children…my wife passed.
7. What’s the one thing no one knows about you?
In 5th grade I carved my girlfriend’s name on my hand.
8. Best trip or vacation
Riding my motorcycle solo to Panama, Central America
9. What did you want to be when you were younger?
I thought I was going to be just like Bob Barker
10. Who is your doppleganger (celebrity look-alike)?