Not Broke, Not Even Broken...
A blog about...a motorcycle trip from North America to the tip of South America, but about So much more....Life! If you are between age 45-whatever and you thought the financial chips would fall in a different, more lucrative way, then you just may find this enriching, refreshing and inspiring!

It is about how to define or redefine our sense of “purpose”, “happiness”. In our world, when things appear to be upside down, even twisted; there is a great “purpose” for each and every one of us. Our “purpose” and “happiness” is needed!


My visit today to the USS IOWA Battleship made me realize that even though I am grateful for growing up with “freedom”, there is something missing within my heart! I realized I am looking for more! Nationalism is not “IT”! It reminds me of religions…putting up walls and drawing lines in the dirt, saying we are right and you are wrong! Our way is best and your way is not best! I have become aware that I actually don’t have the kind of freedom I am seeking…not really! The world I would design would be much different than what we know. I am a realist and I do know that any human organization has its flaws for certain. I live in a world that is much too regulated for my taste. My sense of religious freedom far exceeds what is preached, but not practiced.

From a practical stand point, what am I talking about? Here are a few examples of just day to day annoyances. The other day I received a credit card in the mail from my bank, Wells Fargo. It was offering me $3,000 with no interest for 12 months and then the interest jumps to 22.75%. I thought to myself, even though I dislike regulation and all that comes with it, this should be illegal and it prays on the poor. Another example, I received a parking ticket in LA a few weeks ago for $68. The lesson was, I need to be more alert. It was my fault for not watching my time and I arrived back 5 minutes too late. But $68? This is a full days wage for many people. I think that is a bit excessive! These sort of governing styles stifles creativeness and spontaneity and cause tension.

The world we live in puts people in a very fearful, aggressive and defensive disposition. I think it all starts within how we educate. We educate people so they don’t feel creative in how they make decisions. We create people who are programed to say, “our policy is….”. Our government is structured as a bipartisan. I dislike bipartisan because it becomes about the party and not the issue. It becomes political. Being an independent makes it about the issue. But tradition is a hard thing to change. People as a hole don’t like change. Imagine being in space and looking down on our earth. As you travel over our lit up cities, you won’t see border lines and divisions. You will see lights, land and sea. You will see a world of harmony, peace; not division, not terror, not greed.

My world will never be, but I couldn’t help to feel that the mission of the ship I was on today doesn’t move in my direction of life. Part of me sees this ship as representing safety, protection and peace, but on the other hand this protection and power also ignites resistance and jealousy. Is there a middle ground? If we didn’t have powerful forces, would we all be speaking German or Japanese? Perhaps we would! German and Japanese are nice languages, but their ideologies, at the time, were not promoting harmony and peace. Why do we humans have to be tough, to promote peace? What is wrong with our human race? I am grateful to all of those who have fought for our nice life and peace. So many brave people have given up their life for our life of ease. But I think our “nice life” could still be so much nicer, sweeter, kinder. But as long as mankind is on this earth and as long as we subscribe to the belief that good is limited and land is sacred and love is limited, we will be caught up in this vicious circle that we have to show toughness and power to keep the peace. But I will stick to my GUNS and always believe that good is not limited and land is not sacred and love in not limited! But who is going to go first? I don’t believe you believe I know the kind of peace that I know, without sticking to my GUNS….so if you don’t mind, I think I will just hang onto my GUNS! And by the way, I am working on a BIGGER GUN…just in case!


Cars are like personalities. When we think of certain cars, we immediately think of attitudes and dispositions or financial class or we even go as far as defining someone as feisty or sedate, all business or a playboy/girl or partier or hell raiser or conservative or not, perhaps. We draw all kinds of conclusions. When we go to buy a car, it’s a big deal! It’s a big deal because it defines us and how others define us. As an example, I wouldn’t want to drive around in a mini van or a hopped up Firebird that is loud, nor would I particularly want to drive around in a Bentley. Why not the mini van? Because I am not a soccer mom…I’m not even a mom…let alone a woman! So forget the mini van! Why not a Firebird? Because it is loud and it doesn’t seem very green to me…kind of a gas hog. Why not a beautiful Bentley? Well I love the quality and appreciate the workmanship of what goes into a Bentley. I wouldn’t want to drive a Bentley, because it seems so ostentatious. But the crazy part of me is I would drive or own a Porsche. Now that makes no sense….okay so let me see if I can be a bit clearer. The Bentley is too serious for me. I don’t care about status of the Bentley or the Porsche, but I do appreciate the performance of the Porsche and how well it is built. But so is the Bentley, but the Porsche is more playful and sportier. Well let’s see how well you are tracking. What kind of a car do you think a liberal, granola eating, green environmentalist, Whole Foods shopper might drive? I bet a Prius came to mind. So as you can see, all kinds of stuff goes into what works for us or how we associate certain people with certain types of cars or what seems to be a good fit; how we feel in it, etc. Getting back to me, at this particular time I am not in a financial position for my Porsche, so that makes that decision a non-decision. I happen to proudly drive a Volvo wagon. I drive this car, because it is a quality car…well made. I keep it looking like a new car. I have always appreciated, that no matter what your financial bracket, it’s always refreshing to see people take great pride on keeping things nice. That’s my pat on my back!

But that’s not at all what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is how people drive these car choices. These aggressive and impatient drivers on our roads, these fast, tailgaters, these hotrodders are…..NOPE! Not at all what or who you are thinking they are! Not even close! It is not these hot, expensive and fast cars. I have noticed that these fast, impatient, aggressive tailgaters are the Prius owners and the mini van drivers! Do you disagree? Yep, our green, environmentalist and soccer moms are wild woman and crazed men behind the façade of their politically correct cars, with their (I’m special) bumper sticker that allows them special rights to the fast lane. So here’s one for you…are you ready for this? Do you have your seatbelt on? The Porsche 918 Spyder is the fastest production car around the Nürburgring. At close to a million dollars, it is by far the priciest road-going Porsche. And according to Porsche, this 887-hp track monster USES LESS FUEL than a Toyota Prius. So, all of you “so called green environmentalist who pride yourself in being so green and SO politically correct, I believe you are in the wrong drivers seat!?! And if you are actually really ready to be totally honest with yourselves, I think the Porsche Spyder would fit your driving habits better, at least from what I see going on….from the rearview mirror of my Volvo wagon!

P.S. And if you really want to know who is winning this race…It’s hard to beat someone who is driving a 1984 Volvo wagon with 537,505 milezzz on it! Because that my politically correct Prius friends is…RECYLING AT IT’S FINEST!


My biggest passion is adventure motorcycling! My second biggest passion are classic Porsches, especially a Spyder 550 Porsche! So when I got the opportunity to go see this James Dean classic, I put the throttle down!

All of this trouble started a few nights ago, when I was watching some youtube footage of Jay Leno and a guy named Russ Rodriguez and his company called Fibersteel. Russ Rodriguez and his crew of highly trained craftsmen are the industry leaders in high quality reproduction 550 Spyders, parts, and service. As I was watching Jay Leno in awe of his down memory lane James Dean ride, I realized that Fibersteel was about 45 minutes away. from me. So in the morning, I called the company and Russ answers the phone. I explained who I was…trying not to sound like a groupie. I asked Russ if he might be looking for help. I would have swept floors just to be around these highly crafted masterpieces. I told Russ I had a branding company called “milk mustache BRANDING. To my surprise he said, “We actually are in need of marketing/sales help.” I asked if he was free now (this was about 10 AM)? He said, “sure come on over. The only thing I have is an appointment at 3 PM.”

I jumped in my half million+ miles Volvo and was so excited, I found my speedometer reading 80mph, so I contained myself reminding myself I was a grown man and can’t be acting like a little boy getting to go ride a new bicycle! But then I came to my senses and realized I was a grown man going to check out some Spyder 550 Porsches, so I floored it!

When I walked in the door, Russ was shocked I got there in such short time. What a class act Russ Rodriguez is! I got there at 10:50AM and before we both knew it, it was 5PM! His 3PM appointment was cancelled. Fibersteel may be my first account for milk mustache BRANDING and I have a strong feeling I may be hired to head up marketing/sales. This has the makings of what is referred to as, “A dream come true”! Having to drive around in SoCal in a James Dean classic would be tough, but I have been through some tough stuff…I think I can handle this! We’ll see what happens?


OKAY….I am so tired of seeing certain bumper stickers! I think I’ll call them “bumper stupids”! One of these I am referring to is “BABY ON BOARD”. So let me see if I have this right…when I am driving down the road and I see this bumper stupid, am I suppose to say to myself, “damn I was really hoping to get into an accident today, but I guess they’re not going to be fare game!?!” Or if I find my car out of control, am I suppose to avoid all mini vans with a yellow bumper stupids that reads BABY ON BOARD? Wow this really makes things complicated! These people are real party poppers and zero senses of humor! I would love to make a yellow bumper stupid that reads “HUMAN ON BOARD” or how about “ADULT ON BOARD, THAT WAS A BABY” or “GROWN UP BABY ON BOARD” or “MATURE BABY ON BOARD”.

The other bumper stupid sticker that I have fun with is:
“HOW’S MY DRIVING? 1-800-555-1212”. How would you like to drive for a company that slaps that bumper stupid on your rear end? I mean really? That is just a tad step up from how our kindergarten teachers would pin a going home note to our shirts at the end of the day. So you know I had to have fun with this one! Yes, I actually called one of these 800 numbers and told them that I was on such and such a street and wanted to let them know how fabulously (by the way, I hate that word) and wonderfully their driver was driving! I told them that he was amazingly wonderful and I had not actually seen such skillful driving before! I told them I would continue to keep them posted if I saw him driving around again! Talk about BABY ON BOARD! Sounds to me like these companies need to put some of these bumper stupids on their stupid company vehicles. Seriously are we actually having to baby sit grown adults? I bet this really builds up company morale?

How about this bumper stupid, stinker sticker…”I PROUD OF MY STRAIGHT “A” STUDENT!” They might as well print after this…”NANA NANA NA NA!” I would love to print up a bumper stupid that reads, I’M PROUD OF MY STRAIGHT “C” STUDENT, because they are going to teach your straight “A” student how to get through life, without therapy! Or “I’M PROUD OF MY STRAIGHT “C” STUDENT, BECAUSE HE HAS TIME TO HANG WITH ME!”

Sometimes we adults……well……act like BABIES…..ON BOARD or BABIES THAT ARE BOARD!


In our advertising world today, it is very avantgarde to advertise using the word “CLASS” or “CLASSY”. It sounds so rich and cozy and makes us feel all warm and comfortable and well taken care of…right?

I have been out looking for work or using an old term “hitting the pavement”. Much of my process has been on the internet, but after yesterday, “hitting the pavement” is more realistic. I have been trying to keep my job search along the lines of sales or branding or marketing. Because I started out “cutting my teeth” with IBM, I was spoiled with quality! So whatever it is that I sell, it has to be quality oriented. For the last 35 years I have had my own design companies and also designed my own restaurant concepts, so getting out here and working for the corporate mentality has been a real trick…oh I meant treat! Last year I sold Audi and BMW cars. I loved the product, but the upper management had an interesting mentality.

So yesterday I walked into this very “CLASSY” Audi showroom and found myself talking with a sales manager. He told me straight out that this is a “cut throat” business. I always find it interesting when people say, “We are a cut throat business!” I wanted to and probably should have asked, by cut throat do you mean you cut each others throats or do you cut the customer’s throat? I can answer my own question…it’s all of the above! I thought to myself, here I am in a “classy” Audi showroom and Audi in Germany has put so much effort, technology and design into this $50,000 - $150,000 product and here you have a guy (and it is rampant in the auto industry) who is defining their business as “cut throat”. I may have been born in the dark, but wasn’t born last night. I knew exactly what he was saying, but maybe could have phrased it better like, competitive, aggressive, fast pace? But actually come to think about it, he had it right. It has become “cut throat”! And just who’s throats are being cut? Everybody’s throats! They cut each others throats and the customers throats!

It is too bad that business, in many sectors, has lost the art and grace of… the ART OF “CLASS”! We don’t have “BUSINESS CLASS OR FIRST CLASS OR PREMIER CLASS” anymore! All of those words are smoking mirrors to paint an image of comfort and green pastures….a fake facade! If I were high up in Audi or BMW or Porsche, I would do what Howard Schultz did with Starbucks and revamp the whole company. When Howard came back to Starbucks, he was appalled at the customer service and against Wall Street’s will, he closed all of the stores down world wide, for one day. He did this to retrain and it worked! It worked, because it was THE RIGHT THING TO DO! It was done on the bases of principle and doing what is right, not bowing to the almighty DOLLAR! Maybe Tesla will get this right? I just find it so ironic to have such “CLASSY” cars, end up in a the hands of such savage “THROAT CUTTERS”, especially after the millions and millions that go into such a beautiful product! These auto manufactures know this, but they chose to look the other way, because their false gods…$$$!

Tell me…do you enjoy the experience of going in and buying a car? If I had a luxury auto dealership, I would have a gourmet coffee bar and we would serve to each and every customer a complimentary latte. I would also have a green and clean eating bar with homemade organic food to buy. I would have a putting green on the roof, complete with a misting system for my country club clients. Everybody would receive a MacKenzie Audi high-end tee shirt and car shaped doggy biscuits for their pet. The kids would get their own healthy snack bag. I would set profit price that all would be aware of. If it is $2,000, it is $2,000. And the dealership down the road can sell it for $2,000 less and we would obviously lose clients to “The Deals”. But I think in the long run, the “CLASSY CUSTOMER” would appreciate that the dealership needed to make a profit, but more importantly would appreciate the upfront attitude and being treated with “CLASS”. I believe in the long fun, this would be a much better business model and a more pleasant for all involved!

We Americans need to start standing up for what we deserve and start demanding to be treated with DIGNITY AND CLASS! WE DON’T NEED TO CUT OUR OWN THROATS!

P.S. I am starting my own branding company called “milk mustache BRANDING” I just need to sell a few cars first and get just ONE client!


"I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong."


Normally we refer to what I am about to write about, as DOUBLE STANDARDS. However I am so disgusted about this subject matter I’ve just re-branded it as XXX STANDARDS!

We’ve all heard the story of the multi millionaire Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA Clippers, who has humiliated race and himself. What this 80 year old said and has said over the years, is obviously disparagement and also sexist! Sexist the way he spoke to Stiviano. Donald has obviously not developed his outlook on human rights over the years. I am sure he is in big company with many older people feeling the exact same way as they were raised, but Donald is in the public eye and has a responsibility to pull it together and sincerely know how to treat all mankind and womankind.

So I feel Donald Sterling has been more than fairly punished. We have spanked him and publicly humiliated him. There has been a lot of damage from all sides. The whole controversy is embarrassing here in the year 2014, we deal with this stuff. Everybody has jumped on the band wagon and we have put this old white guy in his place! DONE!?!

"Niger, Niger, Niger"…How do you like those words? Do they make you cringe? Do they make you squirm a bit? Do they put a bit of a pit in your stomach? They do mine! Why is it we deal so well with the Donald Sterling controversy, but we Americans support songs with those disgusting and degrading lyrics in them? Lyrics? We call those words lyrics? YES, we support those kind of songs and many of those kind of songs. This last winter I worked in one of the most "progressive and "fashionable" town in America…Aspen, Colorado. I worked in what was called the ski tuning lab. I worked with dudes who were 25 - 44 years old. They were all white dudes and the music they played…many of the songs had those above mentioned words in them. The ironic part of this, is these singing groups are black dudes!

This is where we so have XXX STANDARDS!!! WE AMERICANS are buying this disparaging and sick music! The black dudes are producing this junk and the black and white dudes are buying and playing it! We Americans are supporting this crap, but almost nobody says a thing about it! Yes, there is freedom of speech, but where is our sense of humanity, manners and respect? No wonder Bill Cosby gets so frustrated with his own people. I voiced my absolute disapproval of the music and it did help, but not 100%. Why do we humans think this is okay? What are we thinking? Why does singing the “n” word and the “f” word so appealing, when it is SO disgusting and disparaging? Why are we doing this degrading stuff to our own humanity? That music makes one feel awful, heavy and it made me feel angry!

We are so quick to pick up stones and throw them at the old 80 year old! So I ask again. WHY DO WE HAVE THESE XXX STANDARDS? Why do we support this racist CRAP? Just because these “lyric” writers, producers and performers are black….DOES NOT make it right….it MAKES ME want to fight!



This is to all of my friends, or will be friends or aren’t friends or could be friends or never will be friends…because they aren’t on facebook!

Someone without facebook is like someone with a vision problem, who won’t get their vision corrected or someone with a hearing problem and won’t get a hearing aid. If that were the case, wouldn’t you agree that one is dulling their senses to this world we live in? Don’t we want to be as sharp and clear as we can to this life that is going on around us? Yes I know, those are some pretty strong accusations, but hear me out or see me out or facebook me out…


Yes I have heard most all of the objections:
I’m not social!
I’m a loner!
I love my alone time!
I don’t want it to consume me!
I am very private!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…like I said, I have heard these and many more.

I don’t care how alone one wants to be or how anti social someone is, to me facebook is like a 6th sense! Yes, I did just say that! In today’s society facebook is like a 6th sense! Without facebook we become blind to many things, like what our friends and loved ones are up to or a very cool report on a heart wrenching story that has happened in our world. There have been so many times when a very touching story has surfaced via facebook and wanted to share with a few of my friends who don’t have facebook, but couldn’t!

Facebook is an amazing tool for keeping track of your love ones.

Facebook is like a roaming and evolving yearbook. Do you remember how excited we all were to receive our annual school yearbook, when it came off the press? What happened to that excitement?

Here is the coolest thing about Facebook…It can be EVERYTHING or NOTHING! That’s right! It can be just a resource you reach out to once a year or it can be the dreamboat of the biggest social animal! You can customize it so that only friends can see you and know what is going on in your life or no one really knows anything about what is going on in your life. You can make it so everyone can reach out to you or nobody can reach out to you.

It can be a great branding agent or marketing agent tool for one or for one’s company!

I often times ask myself when I run into people who aren’t on Facebook….

Are you not on facebook because you are resisting social media advancement?
Are you not on facebook because you are just plain resistant?
Are you being like one of those secretaries back in 1933 when IBM introduced the first electric typewriter and were afraid they may get electrocuted?
Are you like the ones riding your horse, instead of buying one of Henry Ford’s products?

FACEBOOK is our modern day mail!
It’s our evolving yearbook or daybook!
It’s our new photo book to show our pictures!
It’s show and tell!
It’s story time!
It’s our opportunity to be an editorialist!
It’s a form of conversation with loved ones far away!
It’s a window into our friend’s world or not!
It’s a wonderful tool!

Pick it up…don’t be afraid of it…make it what YOU want it to be!

We laugh at those that laughed at:
The Pony Express
Graham Bell or Thomas Edison
The Henry Ford idea
The Tucker Automobile
The electric typewriter
Fred Smith’s FedEx
Computers in every house
Steve Jobs

Whatever may be the excuse, I think we need to really take a hard look at why?

Because if it is resistance or fear of new stuff or I don’t want to be pushed…isn’t that the formula for…getting old?

Keep childlike
Keep open
Keep alert
Keep creating
Keep embracing
Keep being non afraid
Keep trying new stuff
Keep taking new steps
Keep not being afraid to fall
Keep learning
Keep screwing up
Keep failing
Keep crying
Keep growing
Keep expanding
Keep laughing
Keep your senses alive


Living Life Like Art…has its responsibilities

"What’s on your mind?"…my little friend facebook ask me. Well that is always a loaded question. So tonight, I will tell you! I have had some amazing things happen to me. I mean things that are divine like. Okay for starters, as many of you might know I am working on making a film about a late friend, Keith who did some remarkable adventures in his life and then passed on a few weeks after his 21st birthday. So here is the one of the amazing things that happened. The other day in Colorado, I was at Whole Foods and met a young dude, Andrew whom I shared the Keith story with. I sent Andrew the digitized book via email. I felt this sense about Andrew that oozed with Keith. A few days later Andrew (who was just passing through Colorado, going back to Cali) called me and asked if I wanted to meet up at Starbucks? As I was driving toward the social java meet up, I couldn’t help but to think that Andrew would make a great Keith in the film. I had had those thoughts the day I met him. A few minutes into our conversation with this highly intelligent, spiritually in-tune, perceptive, soulful dude, he came out and said, "Donnie I feel I am to be Keith in the film!". I was blown away at how connected we had both been to the same idea! But why was I so blown away? This was actually divinely natural! Long story shortened a bit…my film partner, Torrey and I are meeting Andrew down in the LA area this coming week to discuss the film and see if Torrey senses the same stuff about Andrew playing the Keith part. I don’t care about big name actors, unless that big name actor has the Keith attributes.
The other amazing “sea parting thing” that happened was about a week ago I was thinking, as my Aspen job was coming to a close, that it would be great if I was in my friend’s area of SoCal, so I could be more effective in moving along with this film. Last Sunday, I received a call from this friend and he offered his home to me, because he was going to be out of town for three months to work on a film. Two days later, I was at my friend’s home and on Wednesday I was taking my friend to LAX. So now it is just me up on this mountain top, in this very beautiful contemporary pad, over looking the city of Santa Monica and the ocean. But it’s not really just me. My friend has a few tortoises, that he treats like his children & treats very gently. So I don’t take this care situation lightly! Tortoise feeding and watering some amazing gardens is my daily start and spiritual time.
Living ones life like art, requires the responsibility to be willing to move spontaneously, to trust, to be a big thinker and not pattern ones life after “normal”. To not only expect good, but great! To be open and the biggest thing, to not care what your actions look like to others. Not being afraid to look foolish! It is a freeing feeling to not want to be like all the others. But it is not about not wanting to look or act like all of the others, it is about following ones inspiration and creativity and passion. When one follows and does these thing, amazing things unfold and creative stuff flows! It is amazing to watch! IT’S A PRETTY NICE VIEW TONIGHT, FROM WHERE I SIT!



I first want to start off by stating I have NEVER inhaled or puffed on marijuana. I have not even had a marijuana lemon drop. In fact I hate the smell of marijuana! I am not stating this in a bragging fashion. I am stating this so that you know I am not writing this article from a prejudice standpoint. Nor am I writing this article from a standpoint of being pro legalization or not. I will even step out on this brittle limb and say I think cigarette companies should be shut down and the executives thrown in jail for selling poison to the public, but we all know this will never happen, because our Federal Government makes way too much money off of this poisoning. The same thing with our alcohol companies.

That all being said, I was blown away when I woke up this morning and saw the front page of our Aspen Daily Times! Now for those of you who don’t know, marijuana is now legal in the state of Colorado. But skiers are getting busted on our slopes for smoking marijuana. This getting busted has federal prison time and fines up to $50,000. The article actually states the Aspen Ski Corporation gave consent to this busting! According to federal law, it is illegal to consume marijuana on national forest lands. Of coarse Aspen Ski Corporation gave their consent. You know behind the ski lines, the federal governments discussion went something like this….”do you like leasing our beautiful mountains for your little ski operation? I thought you did! If you want us to continue our little lease arrangement to you, you just might want to give consent to our Federal Forest Service Deputies to patrol our mountains. I knew you would go along with our little scheme!”

Everything is legal…right? Yes, everything is totally legal! So you might be thinking, why are you writing this article and why have I read this far? I am writing this article to point out how stupid, childish and wasteful our federal government is. “Officials estimate that the crackdown will cost taxpayers $1.5 million in the next year.” Does our federal government really not have anything better to do, than hang out at our ski resorts, waiting to bust skiers? It would be one thing if these skiers were starting forest fires, but the one thing I did pick up from my high school chemistry class, snow is not combustible!

I don’t get it? It’s okay to serve and drink alcohol and ski on federal lands and ski down from the upper lodge drunk, but you lite up a joint and your grass ass is in jail! Here is the bottom line…Our system is ALL about the money! Our society is ALL about the money! It all comes down to the almighty $$$! We humans are so greedy and so blinded by money! We will justify anything, when it comes down to MONEY! We endorse cigarette companies that put poison in their products and we endorse alcohol companies that produce a product that make you loose control over your faculties and annually kill thousands of people, but you lite up a little marijuana and we are going to do whatever it takes to get you off of the slopes and throw you in jail and fine you! We are going to teach you a lesson to have moral values, because you are breaking the law! We are going to be principled and have law and order here!

I think our federal government should make it mandatory to print labels on Marijuana products that state, “Smoking Marijuana may cause one to rob banks, act crazy, ski out of control, and will eventually kill you or someone else.” I think what the label should actually state is, “Until we, your Federal Government make money on this product and industy, we will throw your ass in jail and fine you, until we can get a piece of the action!” ISN’T THAT REALLY THE TRUTH??